Friday, April 23, 2004

Is an L-39 Flight Necessary?

There's a question we get asked a lot at Incredible Adventures by those contemplating a flying adventure in Moscow. People want to know if it's really necessary to take an L-39 jet trainer flight before flying in the MiG-29 or MiG-25. Our answer is "no", but it's a good idea to take one if you can afford it. Taking an L-39 trainer flight accomplishes several things. It helps get you familiar with the feeling a wearing a g-suit, helmet and oxygen mask and communicating with your pilot during a flight. It allows your body to adjust to g-forces, much like riding one rollercoaster ride makes the second one less intimidating. The L-39 flight also lets your pilot see what you can physically handle, so he can better plan your flight in a "big jet".