Friday, September 07, 2012

L-39 Flights in Russia

Incredible Adventures offered its first L-39 flights back in 1993, when the company was known to the world as MIGS etc.  At the time, anyone wishing to break the sound barrier in a MiG over Russia was required to first "prove themselves" in the cockpit of an L-39 Albatros.  The ride in the L-39 gave adventurers a preview of high g-forces and aerobatics and helped them to "get used to" the experience of wearing a helmet and oxygen mask.

A flight in the L-39 is no longer a prerequisite for flying a MiG-29, but the company still strongly encourages its clients to arrange a flight in the popular jet trainer. Today's Russian L-39 rides take off from the town of Vyazma, located roughly three hours by car from Moscow.  Adventurers fly with a member of Team Rus, Russia's popular aerobatic team.

For more information about L-39 flights in Russia or elsewhere, call Incredible Adventures at 1-941-346-2603 or visit the company's primary website: